Arbona received the 2021 Ciutat de Palma Award for his work in gastronomic recovery, which he promotes from Fornet de la Soca. For the Séptimo Cielo experience, the chef has designed a menu that will offer an immersive experience related to Majorca’s historical recipes for Lent and Easter.

Starting with a cooking performance followed by a delicious dinner, the event will be held in the stunning courtyard of Galería Pelaires. The menu will include three starters, two main courses, a dessert, and three petit fours. All the dishes will be theme-related and prepared with top quality spring products.

At Fornet de la Soca, Tomeu Arbona leads a project that seeks to recover the island’s taste memory. The initiative is also a loving tribute to Majorcan culture in all its aspects. Not only serve they premium ingredients from forgotten recipe books, but also bring emblematic places back to life in the city to regain their former glory. In addition, they write books about the island’s gastronomic customs, and they even sing work songs or dance “ball de bot”.

Tomeu Arbona and his team are undoubtedly one of the main players in the local gastronomic landscape, so having them on board of Séptimo Cielo was a must.