About us

The Séptimo Cielo initiative was started by Raquel Riutort and Javier Fons. Our day-to-day business is at Carlsen Estrategia & Comunicación, an agency that we established in 2015 to provide corporate communication services to all our clients.

Driven by our passion for contemporary art and gastronomy, we got to know the Seventh Heaven… And we want to share it with you with this project. We would like to visit it again with more dreamers and collectors of moments, with individuals capable of being touched by a painting or moved to tears by good cooking…

People who live life to the fullest, for whom art and gastronomy are two ways of pure delight, two doors leading to an unknown world full of new emotions and thrills. People with restless souls.


Seventh Heaven is for all of them to enjoy.


C. Sant Jaume, 19, 2ºB
07012  |  Palma